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Clio Peppiatt is at the forefront of a new generation of designers creating contemporary evening wear, having become internationally recognised for her readaptation of traditional craftsmanship and celebratory, subversive femininity.

Born in Paris, Clio Peppiatt grew up in a home surrounded by art and artists. Clio gathered an in-depth knowledge of artisanal embroidery skills from her grandmother, and her great-grandmother was a lace-maker specialising in women’s gloves.

Clio Peppiatt’s vision lies within reinventing these traditional crafts for a modern audience, focusing on hand-beading and hand-embroidery stemming from the designer's original drawings. Clio Peppiatt partners with impeccably talented artisanal groups, with many of our embroiderers being of third generation themselves, investing in the preservation of these magical skills for years to come.