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What size do my images need to be?

It’s vital to strike a balance between images that are large enough so users can zoom in and those that are an optimum size so they don't take up too much space and slow down your page load times.

On Shopify, you can upload images of up to 4472 x 4472 px with a file size of up to 20 MB. But the website builder typically recommends using 2048 x 2048 px for square product photos. These are high-resolution images that give your store a professional and well-rounded look with great zoom capabilities. Keep in mind that for zoom functionality to work your images have to be more than 800 x 800 px.

Similarly, Amazon and Etsy, have a 1000 x 1000 px image requirement to enable zooming.

To maintain a uniform look along your product line and on your collection pages, you should keep the width and height aspect ratio of all your feature images the same. For example, you might make them all square like we see below.

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