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Announcement bar

You can add an announcement bar to display important information or promotional marketing messages about your business. You might add an announcement bar to highlight the following information:

  • any shipping delays or regions not accepting international shipments
  • any new or updated policy pages
  • any promotions being offered at this time, such as sales or new gift cards

You can choose to write only one announcement or several. Mojave supports animated messaging for website visitors to highlight multiple announcements. To change your announcement bar, navigate to the first section in the Customizer of your online store. You can add or remove sections according to your preferences.


Adjusting the speed of the carousel interval

With the carousel interval settings, you can adjust the speed of the animated announcements.

Adjusting the speed of the carousel interval.png

Utility menu

The utility menu can be activated by linking navigation in the announcement bar settings.

Untitled (3).png

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