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Promotional Collections

Add the Promotional Collections section to combine media with links to collections and draw attention to main collections, highlighted products, and more.

Customize Promotional Collections section settings

Click the Promotional Collections section to open its general settings.

Add a heading and a subheading

Use the available fields for the right messaging for this section.

Upload an image

Upload a compelling image to showcase in this section. Enable the border effect to give your image a unique border effect that we made available on our theme.

Add up to three products

Use the three available product slots to activate product linking on the image. This feature can be used as a “shop the look” feature.

Add collection links

To add collection links on the left sidebar, click on “Add Collection link”:

Collection link settings Use the right-sidebar settings for selecting collections or overwriting them with your own link text and link URL. Note that the link option is an optional feature.

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