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The global theme settings can be found on: Customizer > Theme Settings > Global Settings

Enable language selection
Enable language selection flag image

Flags can be uploaded to display the flags for your visitors when they would like to change the language on your website. To show a flag for a selected language, upload an image to the Files section of your Shopify admin (Settings > Files)

Instructions for naming the images before uploading:

Prefix the image name with flag-, followed by the language ISO code in capital letters. Click here to see a full list of the ISO codes.
Save the image as a .png extension. Example: flag-EN.png Upload the image to the Files section of your store Refresh your homepage and validate the visibility of the flags

Enable currency selection

Activate this option to enable currency selection.

Show notice for empty cart

You should activate this option if your store has multiple domains for different countries.

Show currency codes

Deactivate this option if you don’t want to show the currency codes on your online store.

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